What is Legal Case Conversion?

Many law firms struggle following up with prospective clients – and that’s ok. It is hard to keep track of every potential new case. However, for firm survival, it must uphold and increase case intake.

Large firms utilize a staff dedicated to potential clients, as well as sophisticated management systems. However, smaller firms may not have the resources to allocate a team focused only on supervising intake. To contend with this, many contemporary firms are now hiring an outsourced team for follow-up services! This can be referred to as Legal Case Conversion.

In the marketing and sales world, lead conversion is the process of reaching out to a businesses’ potential customers or clients and turning a “lead,” or an opportunity, into a sale or partnership. By following this model, law firms can utilize the sales acumen of an outsourced team to individually reach out to prospective individuals and turn them into clients. This takes the pressure off the law firm, while also increasing cases.

Along with our other marketing and sales services, Marketing Partners provides case conversion by vetting and personally reaching out to your leads.

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